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Guardian Force Redesign: Bahamut by DELIRIO88
Guardian Force Redesign: Bahamut
As promised here the redesign of Bahamut, lord of the skies. After Diabolos is one of my favourite GF.
For this redesign I used old concepts of a feathered version that I updated for the occasion with a more dynamic look.
Hope you like it.

Print available soon with a little surprise.

Coming next Siren or Leviathan.
Guardian Force Redesign: Diabolos by DELIRIO88
Guardian Force Redesign: Diabolos
Searching for my place in the world of the "redesign-things" I focused my attention on one of my old loves: the Guardians Force from Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I literally consumed.
I want to offer to the internet other cool pics to print on T-shirts and stuff, so the new challenge is to portrait all the GF in a new fresh way with arranged design but always inspired from the 8th chapter.
I started from my favourite, Diabolos… . The Next will be Bahamut.

Print available on my redbubble very soon.

Works of :iconmanic-in-tricolour: truly inspired me.

EDIT: Tail retouched and bigger portrait
Microraptor specimen 2016 by DELIRIO88
Microraptor specimen 2016
First paleoart of the year.

Starting from the incredible art of mister Ellison as base for my own restoration I decided to make a version of his masterpiece with updated data.

I worked for the entire 2015 since March to the last days of December.

I really like the aerodynamic configuration suggested fron Emily Willoughby… so I decided to use it as reference, as you can see her art is took as silhouette to show the correct pose from the side.

My microraptor is in a full dorsal view so lot of things are speculated 'cause the fossil record have no info about that position.
For this reason Mr. Martiniuk and Mr. Scott Hartaman gave me usefull tips to create a plausible result.

Hope you like it and happy new year people!
Buitreraptor fishing by DELIRIO88
Buitreraptor fishing
Buitreraptor gonzalezorum fishing in a pond of Gondwanaland.
I tried to illustrate it with a naturalistic photo-cut.
The color palette and plumage shapes are based on the purple heron ones.

Work made with Photoshop CS5 + Wacom tablet.

Third prize at the 
VII International competition of scientific illustrations of dinosaurs
Paravians studies - Raptor Prey Restraint Model by DELIRIO88
Paravians studies - Raptor Prey Restraint Model
In attempt to make a more dynamic and anatomically correct version of my leaping raptor…, I finished to focus my attention on the way to hunt of this creature.
The Raptor Prey Restraint model (Fowler et al 2011) is an excellent theory that compares raptor-birds (such as hawks and eagles) hunt behaviors with paravians ones.

The study put in evidence that "the hypertrophied D-II claw of dromaeosaurids was functionally analogous to the enlarged talon also found on D-II of extant Accipitridae (...). Here, the talon is used to maintain grip on prey of subequal body size to the predator, while the victim is pinned down by the body weight of the raptor and dismembered by the beak. The foot of Deinonychus exhibits morphology consistent with a grasping function, supportive of the prey immobilisation behavior model. (...) Placed in context of avian evolution, the grasping foot of Deinonychus and other terrestrial predatory paravians is hypothesized to have been an exaptation for the grasping foot of arboreal perching birds. The paper also describes the “stability flapping”, a novel behaviour executed for positioning and stability during the initial stages of prey immobilisation, which may have been pivotal to the evolution of the flapping stroke."

Here the publication…

EDIT: updated with a clean and full color illustrated version
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E si vedono i risultati, ottimo lavoro!
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Ci ho perso il sonno sopra per dargli questo effetto
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Molto! Il fatto che è così normale e naturale è di certo la sua carta vincente
DELIRIO88 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Grazie Elì! ^^ Ti piace il pezzo?
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Hey, non me ne ero accorto prima: congratulazioni per il terzo posto!
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